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June 23, 2018 – Scheveningen – Netherlands
10.00 – 01.00
Free Entrance – Gratis Toegang

On June 23, 2018 we remember Michael Jackson with a benefit for children fighting cancer.
Full profit of the Michael Jackson Memorial Day goes to KiKa (Foundation Children Cancer Free).

More info about the 2018 edition coming soon!




Locaties Michael Jackson Memorial Day



We have an awesome line up of international artists who will pay their special tribute to Michael.
For now we can confirm the following artists, more additions coming soon!
Location: Mood Beach Stage and Palace Promenade Stage.
More info: Performances page.




Awesome flashmob for Michael and KIKA at The Boulevard Stage.
The song will be announced soon. Free workshop before we start!


The Lanterns of L.O.V.E.

A ceremony with beautiful lanterns on the beach at sunset to pay respects to Michael.
Lanterns are € 3,50 each (1 paper lantern and 1 led candle).


Lanterns of L.O.V.E. Michael Jackson Scheveningen

If you are unable to attend the memorial yourself our team will place hem on the beach for you. Email us with your message for Michael and we will add it to your lantern.


Michael Jackson Thriller Maze

A-Mazing Scheveningen will transform to a super scary Michael Jackson Thriller Maze!
Do you dare to go in? Or should we say, can you get out alive???



Skyview De Pier’s brand new Giant Wheel is waiting to take you to new high(t)s in MJ style!

Skyview Scheveningen Giant Wheel


Michael Jackson Disco Bowling

Bowling Scheveningen is open all day for Michael Jackson Disco Bowling!
Disco lights, blacklight, MJ videos and music all day long! Strike!

Michael Jackson Memorial Day Disco Bowling


MJ Carrousel

The beautiful merry-go-round on the Boulevard will play MJ carrousel music all day long!

Michael Jackson Memorial Day Carrousel


Neverland Music Train

Choo-choo! The Neverland Music train will take you to a trip down memory lane and around Scheveningen, while you listen to Michael’s music.

Michael Jackson Memorial Day Boulevard Train


Michael Jackson Iconic Dance Workshop

FREE 30 minute dance workshop of MJ Academy. Learn all MJ Iconic moves. Move like Michael Jackson!

MJ Academy Dance Workshop


Inked Up Breda

Inked Up Breda has designed a series of unique Michael Jackson Tattoo’s as a beautiful tribute to Michael.
Get ‘Inked Up’ on at the Michael Jackson Memorial Day and support children with cancer!

Michael Jackson Memorial Day Inked Up Breda


MJ Tribute night

Our DJ will play all your favorite songs! Send us your requests!


KiKa Lottery

Buy a ticket for our KiKa Lottery and win amazing prizes!
Choose an envelope for 1 euro. Does it contain a raffle ticket? Then you’re a winner!


– And much more

What is KIKA?

Almost 25% of all children who have cancer, will die. Over 75% will be ‘cured’ but the current treaments are agressive and cause awful side effects, during and after treatment. The current chemo therapy is so agressive, that even if it cures a child, it may have permanent organ damage later in life. Kika is a foundation that focusses on children’s cancer research.

As there is still little knowledge about children’s cancer, the goal is to collect all information worldwide, do new research, find better treatments and bring the healing opportunity up to 95% before 2025.

Michael Jackson Memorial Day Children's Cancer