Michael Jackson Memorial Day

For KiKa
June 23, 2018 – Scheveningen – Netherlands
11.00 – 01.30
Free Entrance – Gratis Toegang

Michael Jackson is most famous as the greatest selling artist of all time.
But he is also in the Guinness Book Of World Records as the artist who has donated the most money for charity.
On June 23, we remember Michael with a benefit for children with cancer.

Our goal is to raise money for research and better treatment for children fighting cancer.
Every year, many sponsors and volunteers join us in our battle against children’s cancer.
Together we have one goal: 95% healing chance in 2025!
“Cancer. Just beat it!”

From 11.00 a.m. until 01.30 our program is packed with live performances and activities for the whole family!
Full profit of the Michael Jackson Memorial Day goes to KiKa (Foundation Children Cancer Free).

Full Program & Time Table




Beach Club WOW
Noorderstrand 58
2586 ZZ Den Haag




We have an awesome line up of international artists who will pay their special tribute to Michael.
Performances take place through out the day and during the MJ tribute night.
More info: Performances page.

performances Michael Jackson Memorial Day


Disney Heroes for KiKa

Join the Disney Sing Along or the many Disney activites and workshops in the Disney Pavillion!
Don’t forget to take your autograph book, because all your favorite Disney heroes will be there!

More info: Disney Heroes for KiKa page

Memorial18 Insta Disney


Michael Jackson Xscape Game

Feel the thrill and enjoy the mystery of this one-day-only Michael Jackson escape game!
Solve the riddles and puzzles to find the code to “xscape”.

2-4 players. Fastest team wins a prize!

xscape game


Name the song

A ‘name the song’ contest for real Michael Jackson music lovers.
Do you know the right song by just a split second of a beat or sound effect?

Team play competition with prizes!

name the song


Photo Booth

Meet your favorite Michael Jackson impersonators in our photo booth!
A photographer will be present for a perfect picture!



Painting Workshop

Make a beautiful painting and support Kika at the same time!



Jewelry Workshop

Always wanted to create your own jewelry?
Michael Jackson or Disney inspired maybe?
What ever your wishes, Artivisuals will help you during this amazing jewelry workshop.



Lanterns of L.O.V.E.

A ceremony with beautiful lanterns on the beach at sunset to pay respects to Michael.
Lanterns are € 4,00 each (1 paper lantern, 1 led candle & 1 flower for the flower ceremony).

Lanterns of L.O.V.E. Michael Jackson memorial day Scheveningen

Buy Lanterns of LOVE

If you are unable to attend the memorial yourself our team will place hem on the beach for you.
Email us with your message for Michael and we will add it to your lantern.



Skyview De Pier’s brand new Giant Wheel is waiting to take you to new high(t)s in MJ style!

Skyview Scheveningen Giant Wheel


MJ Carrousel

The beautiful merry-go-round on the Boulevard will play MJ carrousel music all day long!

Michael Jackson Memorial Day Carrousel


Neverland Music Train

Choo-choo! The Neverland Music train will take you to a trip down memory lane and around Scheveningen, while you listen to Michael’s music.



Michael Jackson Iconic Dance Workshop

FREE 30 minute dance workshop of MJ Academy. Learn all MJ Iconic moves. Move like Michael Jackson!



Michael Jackson Tribute night

In music there are certain artists that define a generation, and stand the test of time.
The Michael Jackson Tribute Night is a celebration, dedicated to the King of Pop.

We kick off with no less than SEVEN amazing live tributes.
Dance the night away and enjoy a blast from the past with our fantastic disco!

DJ Ritchy takes you back to through the decades of Michael Jackson music and the artists he inspired.
This really is going to be a night to remember.

For more info go to the Michael Jackson Tribute Night page.



KiKa Lottery

Buy a ticket for our KiKa Lottery and win amazing prizes!
Choose an envelope for 1 euro. Does it contain a raffle ticket? Then you’re a winner!


– And much more

What is KIKA?

Almost 25% of all children who have cancer, will die. Over 75% will be ‘cured’ but the current treaments are agressive and cause awful side effects, during and after treatment. The current chemo therapy is so agressive, that even if it cures a child, it may have permanent organ damage later in life. Kika is a foundation that focusses on children’s cancer research.

As there is still little knowledge about children’s cancer, the goal is to collect all information worldwide, do new research, find better treatments and bring the healing opportunity up to 95% before 2025.

Michael Jackson Memorial Day Children's Cancer