Since 2014, the European Jackson Event is located at event center’De Kei’ in Reusel, the Netherlands. We’ve chosen this location, firstly for being so central.

It’s conveniently placed in the South of the Netherlands, close to both the Belgian and German border. This way, we can ensure a good traveling distance from all three countries.

Secondly, the large theatre offers us several areas, which can be used for different things. There is -of course- a main stage, where all the best entertainment will take place. Then, there are rooms for our workshops. Since these are located elsewhere in the venue, we can provide an environment free of noise for those who’d like to learn.

Of course, there’s also plenty of room to unwind and have a bite to eat… all inside! You can find ‘de Kei’ at Kerkplein 69 in Reusel. (postal code 5541 KB)


If you’d like to know the most efficient route to travel to ‘de Kei’ by car, please click the ‘direction’ button inside the map above


Near the venue is ample (free) parking. You’re never more than a few minutes away from where the magic happens!


To arrive at ‘de Kei’ by public transport, you can first go to Tilburg Central Station or Eindhoven Central Station by train.

From Tilburg, take Arriva bus 143 to Reusel (via Hilvarenbeek). The bus will go directly to the bus station in Reusel, from where you can reach the venue by walking 3 minutes.

From Eindhoven, take Hermes bus 319 to Reusel. The bus will go directly to the bus station in Reusel, from where you reach the venue by walking 3 minutes.

For more precise directions, please go to http://9292.nl and type “5541KB” as the destination.